Our mobile based apps connect schools, teachers and parents. Always be connected to your children’s school and teachers, need to talk to teachers, setup a meeting, no problem. Do it all here, keep yourself informed on happenings at the school. Don’t miss out any events, Notify school activities, celebration and events. Share photos, audio and video. One clicks homework broadcast message to parents and students. Be informed about your kids journey from home to school and back.

Nature of this app is to connecting healthcare providers and patients. Get instant actionable push notifications for appointments, changes, wait times and messages. Manage your appointments on the go. Instantly schedule, re-schedule them. View appointments for your clinic or only you. Get quick answers from your healthcare provider through instant messaging. When coming to healthcare providers, Manage your practice on the go. Connect with doctors in your practice or outside. Instantly connect and notify patients of changes in appointments.

1Trak is an end to end Sales & Manufacturing solution for ordering, product tracking and payment tracking. Be it a manufacturer, retailer or a distributor 1Trak enables you to track it all.

Jwel.AR is a virtual try-on jewellery application that enables customers to safely buy jewellery online. It uses cutting edge augmented reality solution, using which the customer can try-on virtually using the convenience of their own mobile application.